Back to College

So the summer has just about drawn an end as I start back at college for my second year of the computer technical support and server maintenance course.

I just went to the course enrolment session this morning where I was told what would be involved and how many days a week I was to attend. I start on Wednesday morning of next week and am there for Thursday and Friday too.

My classes are as follows:


Morning: UNIX/Linux Server System

Afternoon: Oracle & SQL Databases


Morning: Client Operating Systems (Windows & Linux)

Afternoon: Routing & Switching (Yay! programming Cisco Enterprise Routers and Switches!)


Morning: Project Management

Afternoon: More Linux (Oh the joys!)


Iā€™m actually looking forward to it this year as it sounds even more interesting than the previous year.

Wish me luck! šŸ™‚

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