Some new goodies!

A few days ago I received some much needed accessories for my main desktop PC that I had ordered, new case fans and a fan controller. Why? you might ask, well my previous fans were blue LED Cooler Master’s which gave out a lot of light and produced a lot of noise even at lower speeds. Now, considering I usually leave my desktop on 24/7 especially when sleeping at night this began to get very irritating indeed. If it wasn’t the noise level of the five then it was the blue LED’s lighting up the room like a Christmas tree. So I had finally had enough and purchased three Enermax Magma 120mm fans along with a Zalman ZM-MFC1 PLus fan controller.

Well what can I say? These new fans are awesome! they run at 1500 RPM, push around 70 CFM of air (69.15 to be exact, miles better than my previous ones), are only 18dBA at max speed and better yet, they look great too. If I want it even quieter (sleeping for example) then I can just use the fan controller to adjust the speeds, perfect! The reason for only purchasing three was due to the price, £10 each adds up fast! never the less, I replaced the front intake fan with a Noctua NF-P12 and took away the side panel one for now to help with the noise level.

Overall this was money well spent in my opinion and I would highly recommend both these items.

Now for some shots! (sorry about the quality)

Rear Fan                    Top Fans 2

Top Fans    Stripped Case

Finished Case

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