More Cores?

It’s not often that I post about my work based duties here, mainly because I very rarely come across anything that would be worth submitting. However, every now and then I get play around with some cool cutting-edge server based hardware.

Recently our company purchased a new server to act as a virtual host for running several heavy duty virtual machines as part of a large scale live project. In this case, performance and scalability were key when planning for this environment.

The server in question is a Dell PowerEdge R810 with four Intel Xeon E7-4830 8-Core CPU’s (Yes, four and each with 16 Threads) 128GB of DDR3 1333MHz ECC RAM and runs Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with Hyper-V. Pretty fast eh?

If that wasn’t insane enough then this monster also includes a directtly attached PowerVault MD3320 array which is populted with 25 600GB 2.5″ 10K SAS disks to house the VHD’s.

Here are some drooling shots. 🙂




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