Windows 8 Developer Preview: Make the Metro Weather app display temperature in Degrees Celsius

Like many others, I have been playing around with the Windows 8 Developer Preview build regularly for  the last 2 weeks or so, and getting a feel for it. Especially since I have the build installed as the primary OS on my desktop and laptop systems.

One thing I did notice however was that by default the Metro Weather app displays the current location temperature in Degrees Fahrenheit. Personally, I like the temperature to be displayed in Degrees Celsius (probably just out of habit)  so I decided to go about changing this.

Fortunately this is actually quite simple to change and can be performed in a matter of minutes, so here’s how to do it:

First navigate to C:Program Files (same location for both x86 and x64) and from the Explorer Ribbon go to the View tab and tick the “Hidden Items” you should now see a folder named “Applications”


Staying within the Ribbon go to File > Open command prompt > open command prompt as administrator


From within Command Prompt execute the command ““takeown /f Applications /r” (without quotes) and wait for it to complete.


Go into the Applications folder then into the folder named “microsoft.weather_1.0.0.26_neutral_neutral_8wekyb3d8bbwe”


Now, the folder that we are interested in here is one named “js” This folder contains the JavaScript files for the Metro Weather application. Inside this folder find the data JScript Script File and copy it to temporary another location eg. desktop.


Right click on the file and select Edit to modify the file data in Notepad.

Look for the following lines within the script


Change the values “C” : “F” ; to “F” : “C” :


Save the edited file and replace the original with it. You can now end the Weather application via Task Manager (if its running) to apply the changes, and proceed to launch it normally again from the Start Screen.


NOTE: Although the temperature can be changed through the settings in the Charm menu, this didn’t appear to work for me. Hence why I have decided to show others how to do in manually.


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